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Alex Undone

Hi, my name is Alex Undone and I’m a German + Black model represented by Q Models NYC + LA, Select Atlanta, 10 Mgmt Chicago, Heffner Seattle, and Look San Francisco. I was born in Germany and spent most of my upbringing on the military bases my family was stationed. Considered the “shy one” in the family — I surprised everyone when I turned to modeling. It probably wasn’t the best environment for a highly sensitive, awkward introvert navigating life and all things mental health; but I found my voice and built a platform rooted in self love, body-positivity and healing through vulnerable story-telling.

My transparency is a choice as I believe we all have something to offer and learn from one another. The online movement #keepgoing was born out of my desire to share beyond the highlight reel. I wanted people to also see the bumps along the road and encourage them to — well “keep going” despite adversity. And let’s be honest: the life of a creative is filled with it’s fair share.

I’m a mama to one and in my spare time I love to paint. I write too — a combination of poetry, personal essays and guest blogs like this one. I’m not an expert on anything but a student of everything. My goal is to encourage you to be yourself + love yourself by sharing pieces of myself with you. My vulnerability is my super power. What’s yours?




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